AMD announces Radeon 6990M graphics card, HP take note?

AMD Radeon 6990M

AMD has just announced their Radeon 6990M mobile graphics card, which they proudly tout to be the latest fastest mobile GPU in the market at the moment… yup, faster than Nvidia’s flagship GeForce GTX580M. The AMD Mobility Radeon 6990M is a DirectX 11 card that boasts HD 3D support, Eyefinity (of course!) and will come in at least a 2 GB GDDR5 256-bit flavor, with a huge bandwidth pipeline of 115.2 GB/s.

Well, as usual, we’ve all got our fingers crossed and hopes up that HP will put this monster into at least something… maybe a refreshed Envy 17, refreshed EliteBook 8760w (we all know the EliteBooks love workstation-class Quadro and FirePro cards… but pretty please?) or even a higher end Touchsmart desktop would be great… though right now in reality, the AMD 6990M will be making its way into Clevo high end laptops and the Alienware M18x: very big and thick notebooks. We like to think that at least the EliteBook 8760w’s relatively svelte but well designed chassis should be able to take the heat from running this big boy.

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