A weekend with Dirt 3 and Dreamweaver CS5.5

Dirt 3!

Playing a new PC game and adding new things to HP Fansite… what a fantastic way to spend an early summer weekend! And next week we’re gonna be talking lots about computers, hardware and touch on a little gaming since E3 2011 is happening for most part of the week…

I’ve already got some things in mind, but I wanna hear your feedback – what’s the one new feature (or ten) you’d like to see on HP Fansite? Shoot me an email (email address at the top right corner of the site) or post your thoughts in our comments section!

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  1. wayne June 3, 2011 Reply

    Where do you think webOS will lead HP?

  2. Brad S | June 3, 2011 Reply

    Right now, things are still at its infancy so for short term, HP is just trying to get some market/mind share (climbing an uphill slope, considering the competition from iOS/Android/RIM which have been around for much longer). But once WebOS starts to mature – and that stage will be marked by the release of a flagship phone and WebOS powered phones becoming available on two/three/all US major carriers and worldwide (ie Asia and more parts of Europe) – we are probably looking at HP trying to make a comeback in the phone arena (they were at one time a successful player during the iPAQ era).

    I foresee a unified ecosystem of HP products, in a way not dissimilar to Sony’s “Sony home” dreams (Sony TV, sound system, cameras, phones, Playstation, etc.), where we’ll eventually see at least some variant of WebOS on all of HP’s products so you can seamlessly transition from one HP product to another. We’re already starting to see baby steps hinting at this, starting with HP Cloud Print and WebOS devices connecting to one another (ie Touchpad and Pre)

    And ultimately, this may lead to HP making their own OS, which may either work alongside or completely replace a Windows counterpart, depending on device.

  3. wayne June 3, 2011 Reply


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