“Hulk smash HP Pavilion”… and it survived, sort of…

Now here’s something you don’t come across everyday: Not two months ago, I had a friend who fell from riding his bike; with some scratches here and there, he was alright but the Pavilion dv7 in his backpack… not so much. However, having tried, tested and shown how extremely durable HP’s EliteBook business models are, it’s interesting to observe and analyze the extent of damage and survivability of consumer-level models from abuse and accidents.

The notebook was an almost brand new (I think it was purchased in January) at the time, one of those metal encased Pavilions that HP introduced last year. From what I was told, the owner fell on his back, so the notebook took a good amount of scraping against your typical asphalt road through a lightly padded backpack (needless to say, the bag was damaged too), while being squashed under 260 lbs (or 118 kg) of weight (the guy used to play football).

The damage? I got to have a look at the damage in-person before it was sent back to HP, and it was mostly on the right side of the Pavilion dv7: the lid and corners was all scratched up, the right side of the lid was quite dented/deformed (but oddly enough, the metal casing did well in sacrificing itself to protect and result in a still-working-completely-fine display) and the two USB ports on the right no longer worked (not sure why, the impact must have bumped something loose on the inside). The rest of the notebook worked fine though; down to the keyboard and optical drive unit (surprising since it’s located on the right side).

Overall external damage was ‘lightly moderate’, in my opinion, and he could have lived without sending the notebook in for repair if not for those two non-functional USB ports. Lucky the owner had bought HP’s accidental damage protection (he had a bad experience with his ancient HP Pavilion dv6000 but after being convinced by me, he got this dv7 with all the additional warranties he could find on the list).

Well, I’m still gonna stick to HP’s business models, with my EliteBook 2530p having gone through being stepped on, accidentally smashed against table corners (several times), dropped onto all sorts of surfaces, partially drowned in water, sat under a ton of heavy luggage on an 8 hour flight and more general madness, yet it’s still alive and kicking… but I thought HP has really done well in improving the build quality of their consumer notebooks; I’m not sure if an older, plastic frame Pavilion model would have survived the same ordeal.

*If you have an experience to share about the durability of your electronics, do share your story via comments or dropping me a line.

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