HP TouchPad pre-orders start June 19, to ship on July 1

HP TouchPad

The word is out, the HP TouchPad Web OS tablet will be making its debut beginning July 1st in the US and through some parts of Europe (UK, Ireland, France and Germany) and Canada within July, although you can start pre-ordering the HP TouchPad from June 19 onwards at prices of $499 and $599 for the 16 GB and 32 GB variants respectively.

HP has also mentioned they’re going to do a ‘phased roll-out’ of the TouchPad tablet (Apple behavior much?) and expects it to become available in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Hong Kong as the months go by until the end of the year.

Quietly, HP has also mentioned in a post on their Palm website that they’ll be working with AT&T to introduced a ‘connected version’ (not sure if that means 3G or 4G, but if the HP Veer 4G is any indicator, hopefully it’ll be 4G) of the TouchPad ‘later this summer’ (probably August or September, says I).

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