HP releases eight HP TouchPad demonstration videos

HP has released a bunch of new and official videos over the weekend, ahead of their TouchPad tablet’s launch for preorder in a week’s time. If you’ve got about 12 minutes to spare, hit the link and check all 8 videos out.

Introductory 3 minute video about the HP TouchPad… the videos below are under 1 or 2 minutes.

The HP TouchPad in the WebOS ecosystem and other devices (such as the HP Pre series smartphones)

HP TouchPad and its ability to charge wirelessly via the HP Touchstone charging dock

HP TouchPad and the WebOS notifications system

This minute and a half video shows the HP TouchPad and its ‘true’ multitasking. Also shows the ability of WebOS to take advantage of the TouchPad’s added screen real estate versus a smaller WebOS device like the HP Pre 3

This 90 second video shows the ‘Just Type’ search feature of the HP TouchPad.

This ‘HP TouchPad Synergy’ video shows the general core features of WebOS on the TouchPad.

Check out this two minute video which shows the HP TouchPad’s role in ‘entertainment’, essentially the features you will use on the TouchPad for content and media consumption such as surfing the web, music and movie watching and more.

For the productivity-concerned, the HP TouchPad offers some features that enable you to do actual work on it.

I bet lots of people are excited to see the WebOS app list grow in number, and cater sufficiently to the HP TouchPad when it comes out

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  1. wayne June 13, 2011 Reply

    If everything goes right the consumers will see webOS revolutionary. And a better OS then iOS. That is the factor that will sell. Its not hardware but software. The regular consumer doesn’t know what the specs mean. All they see is the end product. And that is were HP will succeed and how. and in these videos they are doing that; showing the software.


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