Report: HP to make some notebooks in Japan

Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting this morning that HP plans to move part of its notebook production to Japan, from China, over the next couple of months. The report mentions that equivalent labor costs in Japan is about four times that of China, but there will be efficiency gains as a result along with that respectable ‘Made in Japan’ underneath your notebook and delivery times slashed from 10 down to 5 business days. According to The Nikkei, HP also plans to keep prices the same by using existing production lines and its global purchase network.

No word on exact dates of this move or official confirmation from HP so far, neither is there any information at the moment on which notebook models exactly will be made in Japan*.

*Though we’re guessing, if this report turns out to be correct, that since this move will take a couple of months, that 2012’s upper-tier notebooks (perhaps the 2012 EliteBook Mobile Workstation series, like 8470w, 8570w and 8770w? And 2012 HP Envy models…) are likely candidates… that, and we can’t imagine HP pumping out Mini netbooks and sub-$500 g-series notebooks from Japan.

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