Fun stuff: Blair Waldorf and her Windows-branded ThinkPad

Blair Waldorf and the Windows branded ThinkPad T410s (Screenshot from Gossip Girl, Season 4, E16)

As the weekends approach, it’s a good time to start to unwind from the hectic week and look forward to about 60 hours of blissful, non-weekday time. Now I know some may be starting to see a trend here, after last week’s muse, the $34,000 HP mouse… and I’ll try to have a weekly “Fun Stuff Fridays” post, depending if I come across anything amusing during the week.

This week, we have Blair Waldorf and her Windows-branded ThinkPad T410s from Season 4, Episode 16 of Gossip Girl… who may set a “good example” to younger kids and college students that they don’t NEED a MacBook to be stylish or supposedly ‘successful’. That’s always a good thing since I frequently come across and read about how young people nowadays think they MUST HAVE a MacBook Pro (but ironically, most of them are buying it purely for ‘the looks’, have little idea how to use OS X and plop Windows onto their machine shortly after/during purchase)

Microsoft is definitely an active product placement participant in many TV shows; I’ve seen Bing being used and Eleanor Waldorf asking someone to “Bing it” before… but this is a definite first: sticking a Microsoft Windows logo at the center of the laptop lid, similar to how Apple builds in their glowing logo it with the MacBooks (though I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t take the time to outfit said ThinkPad with a glowing backlit Windows logo, that would have been really cool, don’t you think?).

This actually brings up an interesting idea. Instead of Microsoft slapping on a Windows sticker onto almost every Windows laptop (with the exception of the HP Envy series and Linux equipped EliteBooks of course), I’d think making selected ‘Microsoft co-branded’ laptops like this one would be really nice! If they can do this for TV show laptops and the HP EliteBooks in Microsoft Stores (I first noticed this at the San Diego Microsoft Store), albeit with stickers, why not have actual laptops with built in logos for retail (either at a discounted price or marked up price, whatever floats Microsoft’s boat)?

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