Spotted: HP Mobile Workstation laptops hanging out with Obama and team

I’m not a fan of politics nor would I like to discuss any here on HP Fansite (and hence I won’t be posting any pictures here), but tech enthusiasts cannot help noticing HP products when they appear in photos in the media! In a photo taken of Obama and his team watching a recent news story (photo and coverage can be seen on Gizmodo), we can spot four HP Compaq 8510w (updated: it’s not the 8710w model since a larger photo on Flickr reveals the laptop to lack a number pad on the right) Mobile Workstation laptops and a Dell Latitude business laptop in the photo. Thanks to one of our readers, Geoff, for the heads up of this news story!

Well, you surely won’t mistake the HP Compaq 8710w as a new model at all… though it’s interesting to ponder whether President Obama might consider the HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation for his next laptop when it’s time for an upgrade!

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  1. jke May 4, 2011 Reply

    It’s funny coz these 14.1″ HP laptops also are the first thing I noticed when I saw that flickr collection on the OBL story. Looks like 6910p to me. And the Dell is a rugged version for the military?

    (i wonder why there are not using LED screens and what kind of OS they trust their data…)

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