Sandy Bridge wielding HP ProBook dressed like an EliteBook

HP ProBook 5330m listed on HP's website

It’s been quite a while since the ultra-thin HP ProBook 5320m made its silent debut on HP Singapore’s website. And many have been curious about the fate of the ultra-thin ProBook 5000-series line after seemingly no news earlier this year with the debut of mainstream ProBook models and the EliteBook 8460p and 8560p. But fear not, because one of our readers Sam has just sent us a little something he found off a Google search: a page detailing the HP ProBook 5310m’s successor, the HP ProBook 5330m!

This lean and mean 1 inch thin machine looks like it could possibly go head to head against the upcoming, rumored Lenovo ThinkPad X1… with its full voltage Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor, 13.3 inch matte display, backlit keyboard, metal casing and Beats audio. Oh, it also appears that HP took some clothes out of the EliteBook wardrobe for the ProBook 5330m since it looks a lot more like its expensive and high-end EliteBook cousins rather than the conventional ProBook it’s meant to be. Check out HP’s word on the ProBook 5330m here.

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