HP announces 2011 Pavilion series desktops and 23 inch x2301 Micro Thin display

New 2011 HP Pavilion series desktops

HP has just announced three new Pavilion series consumer desktops today: The compact Pavilion Slimline S5, regular-sized Pavilion p7 and more powerful Pavilion HPE h8. They all feature Beats Audio and Sandy Bridge Intel processors of all sorts. With price tags starting at $330 (s5), $300 (p7) and $600 (h8) respectively, these guys are a lot more affordable (but certainly less powerful) than HP’s Z210 series workstations released last month. They should be available for order on June 15 from HP.

HP x2301 Micro Slim 23 inch display panel

HP also announced a new 23 inch LED backlit display today, the HP x2301 Micro Thin display. It has 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution like you’d expect from most monitors nowadays but it’s main appeal is its ultra-slim profile, measuring 9.8 mm or just under 0.4 inches thin. It’s a glossy display, comes with a non-detachable base (which doesn’t seem to be adjustable in height either), with connectors for single DVI, VGA and HDMI. It should be available for order on June 10 for just $280.

The HP x2301 Micro Thin display measures just 9.8 mm or just under 0.4 inches

And it’s really that slim!

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