Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 leak says it’s a sequel!

Find Makarov did NOT result in the revelation of Modern Warfare 3 🙁 but now the REAL deal has been exposed and leaked by gaming website, Kotaku!

Remember when we highly let down less than three months ago when the “Find Makarov” teaser that hit the web turned out to be nothing more than someone’s backyard project on making a home video independently-produced movie version of the first Modern Warfare in the Call of Duty series? Yeah, I was too. But then I went on to provide my personal guess on what Modern Warfare 3 would bring: that it would be a sequel and bring in some stuff that will make multiplayer more exciting… and bam, just this morning, Kotaku has managed to get their hands on some leaked images and info of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. And turns out I was right!

Modern Warfare 3 IS going to be a sequel! Sorry, prequel and ‘Ghost’ fans, your dream ain’t happening (I would think a prequel on the character ‘Ghost’ from Modern Warfare 2 would have been quite boring and uninteresting anyway). As with the previous Call of Duty titles, the imminent announcement (probably at E3 2011 next month) and release (in November this year) of Modern Warfare 3 has been hyped up quite a bit with a storyline that takes you all around the world, from India to New York to various places around Europe.

But hype isn’t good enough when the previous title released in 2009, Modern Warfare 2 (read our review of Modern Warfare 2 here), had an extremely short 4 hour single player campaign and severely underwhelming multiplayer mode in terms of balance and support for PC gamers (lack of dedicated servers, no character ‘leaning’, no console menu, mods or proper gameroom administration controls that are a PC platform staple, are among the massive, disappointing regressions of Modern Warfare 2 from the original Modern Warfare). Here’s to hoping that Modern Warfare 3 will restore the features and functions in multiplayer that made Modern Warfare 1 so popular back in the day in 2007… and that with these new locations set around the globe, will have a story line that’s more than 4 hours (a solid 7 to 8 hours would be more like it).

I was also somewhat right about Modern Warfare 3 sporting new multiplayer features, but so far from the news, nothing revolutionary at all has been revealed (or looks to be added). Rather, Modern Warfare 3’s developers appear to have chosen to pull a leaf out of Treyarch’s book (Treyarch made 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War and 2010’s Call of Duty: Black Ops) by introducing a ‘survival mode’ of sorts, whereby you and your teammates hold back hordes of enemies for as long as possible. That wasn’t exactly Treyarch’s original idea either… it appears from the recent introduction of their new map pack for Black Ops that the folks at Activision (or their developers, at least) have been ‘highly inspired’ (to put it in a nice way) by multiplayer features that were popularized by Valve’s Left4Dead series.

It is currently unknown if Modern Warfare 3 will sport a new gaming engine, but it looks like they’re trying to milk as much as possible out of that IW Engine 4.0 (used on Modern Warfare 2) and leaked graphics of the game seem to support that, since the image ‘style’ is similar to that of previous games. Will we see DirectX 11 and PhysX support and more realistic environments in the final game when it comes out this fall 2011? We will just have to see, but judging from history, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that at all!

Let’s hope Activision doesn’t forget gamers on the PC platform and deprive them on features like they did the last two times, while making what is dubbed by the media and public as ‘2011’s biggest game’, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!

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