Call of Duty map pack: Call of the Dead, inspired by L4D?!

Call of Duty Black Ops new map pack

I was just reading through emails the other day and I saw something that caught my eye “Call of the Dead”. I was excited for a split second, thinking either Treyarch or somebody at Activision had finally decided they would come up with a zombie game of their own, a little late to the ‘hey zombie games are fun’ trend revived by Valve’s Left4Dead but not too shabby considering the other horror themed titles coming out this year; Silent Hill: Downpour and possibly the next Resident Evil. But so much for getting all excited about that… turns out Call of the Dead is nothing more than a DLC/map pack for Treyarch’s 2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This new map pack taps on the ‘zombie survival mode’ in the multiplayer section of COD: Black Ops, which is nothing too exciting. But am I the only one who thinks someone making this map pack was a little too over-inspired by Valve’s Left4Dead? The characters say it all: Robert Englund bears an uncanny resemblance to Bill, Michael Rooker looks like he was inspired by Francis (complete with the leather jacket), Sarah Michelle Gellar is the mandatory ‘we must have a female character somewhere’ like Zoey, except with tighter and less clothes and well Danny Trejo, he doesn’t look like anybody from Left4Dead so I guess that’s kinda original.

Well, in my opinion, what Activision needs isn’t a map pack for a ‘last year title’ game but better support for the PC platform! Let’s hope for a better Call of Duty (I can see gamers going “oh gosh not ANOTHER Call of Duty” already) this November! And just a heads up, Activision, since you already have the thought of a ‘people vs zombies’ map pack in mind, how about making a full-blown zombie horror game instead? I’d love to see a competitor to the ever-replayable and awesome Left4Dead series… either that or I’ll wait till Valve comes out with Left4Dead 3 in something like 2014!

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  1. mychal June 8, 2011 Reply

    dude i got to level 17 by my self.

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