HP WebOS Keyboard passes FCC; omits Delete key

HP WebOS Keyboard (photo by FCC)

A HP wireless keyboard just passed FCC tests this week, what a great Friday night news story to wrap the week up. This HP keyboard has WebOS devices in mind, especially the upcoming HP Touchpad (HP’s direct equivalent competitor to the Apple iPad 2) with its compact design, lack of traditional computer F-function keys on the top row of the keyboard (which the Touchpad and WebOS won’t need anyway) and has a ‘multitasking’ key in place of the Windows key we’re used to seeing on our keyboards. The keyboard has the same chiclet-style keys and similar styling to that found on HP’s consumer Pavilion and Mini notebooks. You can find direct front and back view photos of the HP WebOS Keyboard here, though color balance appears to be slightly off since the keyboard is actually all-black with white lettering in real life.

However, the most glaring omission on this new HP WebOS Keyboard is a REAL Delete key. Looks like HP has gone the ‘Apple route’ here by kicking the actual Delete key to the curb, and renaming the ‘Backspace’ key with the ‘Delete’ name. Not cool HP (I’ve received ranty emails from several angered/disappointed readers about this)! Other than that, the keyboard appears to be slim and small enough to be stuffed in your backpack or purse along with your HP Touchpad for a portable typing appearance.

The good news is that this means the HP WebOS Keyboard will likely be available alongside or soon after the HP Touchpad tablet hits the market. Question is, will we see it at the upcoming HP Veer event on Monday though?

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