HP Veer launch party to be held in Los Angeles and you’re not invited

HP Veer closed-door launch party to be held in May

Looks like the tiny phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard from HP, the WebOS-running HP Veer, might be available for purchase soon. The folks at PreCentral have discovered an invitation page to a launch party in L.A. for the HP Veer. Unfortunately for the WebOS obsessed and any remaining loyalists from the iPAQ era, this closed door party, to be held two weeks from now on May 2, requires valid ID or an AT&T or Best Buy badge/business card… which means a majority of us can only watch from afar. The good news is that this is definitely a sign the HP Veer isn’t far away from becoming available for consumers… I’m expecting it to become available towards the end of May or early June, just in time for summer (and those looking to get a really tiny phone to bring to the beach).

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