HP sneaks out 3105m and 630 business notebooks

HP 3105m super entry-level "business notebook"

In one of their more low profile moves (and for a good reason too!), HP has quietly added two new models to the “Essential business notebook PC” range, which is the most basic form of HP business notebooks you’ll find after their ProBook series. The plain-named HP 3105m and HP 630 models are essentially clones of their consumer counterparts, the HP Pavilion dm1z and HP G6t notebooks. The HP 3105m is a model sporting an 11.6 inch display, dual core 1.6 GHz AMD E350 processor and AMD Radeon 6310M entry-level integrated graphics, and will start shipping on May 5 starting from $449. The HP 630, a larger 15.6 inch model gives you a choice between an Intel Core i3, Core 2 Duo and Pentium (ancient much?!) processor, Intel integrated graphics and basic specifications, will also begin shipping on May 5, but with a slightly lower starting price of $439.

The only difference we can tell between these two models and their respective consumer counterparts is they come without HP Mediasmart software (which I’m sure business users would not quite care for anyway and give you the option to choose between different versions of Windows 7, Linux OS or FreeDOS (the consumer models limit you to either Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium)… and I can’t say there’s much else going for them. Comparing the HP 3105m with the Pavilion dm1z, both have the same starting price and specifications, but the most basic Pavilion dm1z has the upper hand with 3 GB of RAM to start with (thanks to the “free upgrade”) while the 3105m starts out with just 2 GB of memory.

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