HP EliteBook: dismantled to dry

Drying out my HP EliteBook after being half-drowned in lots of water

I found a photo I posted in one of my Facebook wall photo albums: a picture to go along with yesterday’s story about the drowning of my EliteBook 2530p. I basically undid the keyboard and top touch-sensitive panel above it, as well as the left display hinge and left side of the display bezel, which I held up by sticking a pencil in between, and had two stand fans blowing fresh window air at top speed while I sat the EliteBook on the chair in the sun by the window (!). It’s a little puzzling that the display barely got dried when I did this for the first several hours… but most water/bubbles trapped inside dried out over night and the next morning, the display had cleared up noticeably after I left it in the dark on my desk before going to bed.

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