API Mapping tool for “Apple iOS to Windows Phone 7” released


A brand new API mapping tool was released for Windows Phone 7 today. It’s a big win-win situation as this tool comes in handy for app developers looking to port their apps on Apple’s iOS platform over to the Windows Phone 7, while at the same time, it helps to encourages the appearance of more apps Windows Phone 7.

And more apps on their platform  is exactly what Microsoft desperately needs to sway an ex-Windows Mobile gone Apple iOS user like me back to Windows Phone… well, I was indirectly coerced to switching to an iPhone last year after three years of stagnation in ‘version 6’ of Windows Mobile (this was early in the year before Microsoft announced their completely reworked Windows Phone 7 platform). I played with a few WP7 devices when they came out and I’d surely be happy to go back to using a Windows phone, especially after trying out the Dell Venue Pro.

Take a hint HP, giving developers a set of tools, such as API mapping, that facilitate easier porting of apps to the WebOS platform from other smartphone platforms is exactly what you need to court developers over to test their feet in WebOS waters, and potentially turn them into long-term contributors to the world of WebOS devices.

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