Mozilla Firefox 4 Final released?!

Is this Firefox 4.0 Final edition?

I think it’s here, the final version of Firefox 4 is finally out (no pun intended)! I’ve been running Firefox 4 RC for awhile on my Elitebook and just several seconds ago, I got an update prompt when opening Firefox and literally two seconds later after the update, I got my homepage (but oddly, no “your Firefox has been updated” splash page) and the “RC” was dropped from my About page. So far, everything looks and feels exactly like the Release Candidate before it, but supposedly Firefox 4.0 Final fixes any remaining underlying bugs.

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  1. Wildfire March 21, 2011 Reply

    Firefox 4 has not been released yet, it’s another RC. For some reason they dropped the “RC” from the version number. Look at their front page, version 4 is not yet available for download.

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