Living proof HP EliteBook laptops are durable

Can your laptop do this?! (But seriously, don't try this at home)

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now (and I’ve been providing “live demonstrations” to enthusiastic people whom I know), but today I finally got down to recording a short film boasting the HP EliteBook’s durability.

What did I do? I stood on my EliteBook, literally.

But before we continue, there be a couple of disclaimers: One, this film is in no way endorsed by Hewlett Packard (though if you happen to be from HP or an advertising firm and want me to do a commercial, my email address is on the top right corner of this website 😉 ). Two, I would not recommend trying this at home (and especially on your laptop) but if you do and anything happens, I won’t be liable!

And on with the details about my little demonstration:

  • About me: I’m a person of medium-build who weighs in at 175 lbs (approximately 80 kilograms).
  • About the EliteBook: I got this 12 inch EliteBook 2530p used from someone I know in early 2010. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo low-voltage processor, 4 GB of RAM and… but those things are not important…
    What’s important now is the fact it’s survived a ton of bumps and knocks from everyday usage, several accidental drops onto surfaces from carpeted to concrete floors, spills (including a very major incident in October) and rain, and of course, various “standing” demonstrations.
  • About the background music (because I know someone’s bound to ask this question): The name of the song is “No B.S.”  by Bodyrox, played directly from a friend’s Visio 5.1 “soundbar with satellites” speaker set, from the soundtrack of the Noel Clarke movie ““. I would go on to tell you that Tamsin Egerton from the movie has a lovely, posh British accent… but let’s get to the EliteBook demonstration now, shall we?!

I basically stood on the EliteBook’s lid with my full weight and without support, three times. The fact that this is a personally-owned laptop shows my confidence in free-standing on the EliteBook. With that, I present you with “175 lbs standing on an EliteBook”:

I would highly encourage you to check the video in its Full HD glory on YouTube and share it with people you know (Especially if you’ve got friends who like boasting about their Apple MacBook Pro’s!).

To share this video, here’s the link:

And once again, if you’re from HP and would like to use this video or get me to do videos like this one, feel free to drop me an email!

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  1. Nate April 12, 2011 Reply

    Wow… This is amazing. I was sort or torn between an Elitebook and an Envy but I think you just sold me. I commute on the train every day and I have a 21 month old daughter and another on the way so i need something tough. Looks like I found it. Thanks for the video!

  2. Lewis Balentine May 21, 2012 Reply

    Very interesting …
    Are the results the same with it sitting on a HARD surface ?

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