Intel adds vPro to Sandy Bridge processors; gives 16:10 1920 x 1200 displays a chance?!

Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 and Core i7 with vPro technology

Intel has put up a section on their website about their vPro technology now available in those new Sandy Bridge series Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Now we all know that vPro is useful to large enterprises to remotely manage, secure and maintain company machines, and it’s not anything new; it was available on the first generation of Core i series processors, it has been available since the Core 2 series processors have been around… but what’s interesting (and what some readers call speculation worthy) here is the ability to manage “at higher resolutions, up to 1920 x 1200”. Now I’m sure most of us know not long ago, some details surfaced on the internet about Dell’s new mobile workstations, the 15 inch Precision M4600 and 17 inch Precision M6600, and one thing that triggered a lot of unrest is the Precision M6600 has been rumored to have gone the route of 16:9 ratio displays, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. And many have gone to speculate that HP and Lenovo (the two other “big players” that produce 17 inch Mobile Workstation notebooks and no, the 17 inch Apple MacBook Pro doesn’t count, theirs isn’t a workstation-class notebook) would also follow the suit.

But that’s just speculation, ain’t it? It appears that a new “camp” of users have recently spawned this week as a result of this Intel story – the counter-speculators who are now saying the 16:10 ratio display is not quite dead yet on 2011 models of 17 inch notebooks. So based on these grounds, the HP EliteBook 8760w, or whatever it will be called (and let’s drag in the rumored Lenovo ThinkPad W702 while we’re at this, okay?), may still sport a 16:10 ratio 1920 x 1200 display. Then again there’s always a possibility it might be 16:9 ratio instead (but won’t that be a waste of developing that 17 inch DreamColor 2 screen, the one that’s found on the current EliteBook 8740w?). Well, whatever the aspect ratio, I’m sure we’ll know for sure once an official announcement comes out one day.

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  1. curious-character March 9, 2011 Reply

    I’m pretty sure the Lenovo W7xx series is dead. It does not appear on leaked road maps anymore.

    • Brad S | March 9, 2011 Reply

      Well I haven’t heard of this before, but if it’s true, the loss of a big manufacturer in the 17 inch business notebook market will definitely be mourned. But somehow I have a gut feeling that isn’t gonna happen, Lenovo should know better than to kill off a line of their business models; with the large user base of Thinkpad business notebook users, some of them might become pissed (even if they weren’t intending to buy a Thinkpad W702 in the first place). Lenovo could have possibly been holding off for these Intel vPro-enabled processors, or perhaps skipping a refresh cycle to wait for Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors (Just like what I think Dell may be doing with their 12 inch ultra-portable business line which still has Core 2 Duo processors)… but I really think a Thinkpad W702 will eventually arrive in the market one day.

      And I doubt Lenovo will head for the exit while knowing Dell and HP will immediately swallow up their market for 17 inch mobile workstation users (and there’s really a lot more of them than one would think, though it may not seem like it because people don’t usually carry an 8-10 pound notebook to work at Starbucks or something)

      Either way it looks like HP is the ‘most dedicated’ manufacturer currently, with a mobile workstation lineup spanning from 14 to 17 inch models (Dell and Lenovo only have 15 and 17 inch models). Based off that document HP has on their website, confirming the existence of the EliteBook 8460w, I’m still curious to know what graphics card they will use in that (Nvidia hasn’t refreshed their Quadros for the 14 inch form factor, and AMD has so far been mum about any new FirePro cards for notebooks)

  2. curious-character March 9, 2011 Reply

    I noticed the lack of a 14″ Quadro FX card too. If you look at what happened to the 8460p (has same graphics as 8560p) it would seem reasonable to assume the 8460w will offer FX1000M.

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