Artsy shots of EliteBook 8740w

EliteBook 8740w backlit keyboard

I really think HP’s EliteBook 8440w/8540w/8740w notebooks are seriously the best looking business laptops HP has ever made, and one of the better looking designs in the market, right up there with those timeless ThinkPad designs.

2010 EliteBook models: Probably the best looking business notebooks HP has ever made?!

It kinda makes one wonder what the EliteBook 8760w of the future will look like, which is interesting. Rumors have hinted (and also deduction from common sense and the history of HP’s EliteBook lineup) the EliteBook 8460w and EliteBook 8560w models of the future will simply be the already-announced 8460p and 8560p models splashed with an all-black suit.

But so far, the EliteBook 8740w just looks amazing for what it is. And very stylish indeed. I had an opportunity to compare the EliteBook 8740w and the Dell Alienware M17x last week, and I’ll have something words on what I thought posted soon.

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  1. Sauron March 14, 2011 Reply

    I have a 8540w. If I didn’t get the 8740w, is because I think that is not too much portable… because is big and heavy, but I never had the oportunity to see it in the real world.
    Is it that big? I think that 8540w is pretty heavy and thick too, so the 17″ version should be incredible.
    I mean, if the size and weight were like macbook pro 17, should be great, but for us (the hp fans) that we prefer hp rather than apple, the 17″ version is too big. At least for me.

    • Brad S | March 14, 2011 Reply

      Yes, the 8740w is significantly larger than the 8540w. It’s quite heavy, the weight is manageable when walking to the Starbucks a block away from where I live, but not something I would want around my shoulder all day. The lid of the 8740w takes up a significant amount of thickness, the display part of the notebook itself is almost as thick as a whole Macbook Pro, but the entire machine is built like a tank.

      In terms of overall size, it is probably the next smallest thing after the 17 inch Macbook Pro. Other ‘pro-class’ 17 inch laptop models seem to have wider bezels. But the big screen paired with full HD resolution is extremely versatile. I do all sorts of things on my 8740w, from CAD and graphics work, to coding, watching movies and gaming, and I’d say the size is well worth it, though finding a good bag to contain the notebook.

  2. curious-character March 15, 2011 Reply

    Sauron, if the 8740w was built like the MBP 17″, it would not be able to offer sufficient performance, much like the MBP.

    Brad,, have you seen this photo comparison between the 8740w with Dreamcolor and Alienware M17x with RGBLED?

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