HP quietly launches new Envy 17/Envy 17 3D with Sandy Bridge and AMD 6000-series graphics

Next generation HP Envy 17 and Envy 17 3D with Intel's new quad core processors and new AMD graphics have showed up on some HP websites

HP has quietly brought out their next generation Envy 17 3D, updated with Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core i7 quad core processors and 1 GB of GDDR5 AMD Radeon 6850M graphics. You get to choose between the 2.0 GHz quad core Intel Core i7-2630QM or 2.3 GHz quad core Intel Core i7-2820QM processor. So far, those appear to be the only changes versus the first Envy 17 3D. And the good news is that you can actually configure and order one right now on the HP USA website, with a starting price of $1599!

Other not-new but noteworthy highlights of the Envy 17 3D include: two DDR3 RAM slots (HP allows you to configure up to 8 GB of RAM), dual hard disk bays (configurable up to 2 TB of storage total using two 1 TB hard disks, you can use SSDs too of course!) and the notebook comes standard with a 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080) 3D display and active shutter glasses needed to view the screen in 3D, backlit keyboard and Blu-ray drive.

If you live in Switzerland and know German, then you can check out HP Switzerland’s website which shows off das HP Envy 17 ohne 3D… HP Envy 17 (the non-3D version) with the Core i7-2630QM and 1 GB of GDDR5 AMD Radeon 6830M for 1899 Swiss francs. That also hints that the regular Envy 17 models might come with slightly less powerful AMD Radeon 6830M graphics, while the Envy 17 3D notebooks come with the higher clocked AMD Radeon 6850M series graphics cards.

Thanks to one of our readers who tipped us off =) .

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