Make mine a 3D capable EliteBook

Polarized 3D glass I'm going to try with my EliteBook 2530p

Not long ago, I was going all out to look for a multi-touch solution for my HP business notebook and less than a year after that, I finally found this magically HP-provided Synaptics universal multitouch driver; a driver which I continue to use to this day.

I’ve been enjoying chiral scrolling, two-finger left-right/up-down scrolling, pinch zooming, three finger swiping and three finger activated application launching, even to this day. So if you’re on a pre-2010 non-multitouch notebook, you should really go and download the driver above if you haven’t! Install at your own risk, but I’ve personally seen it work on an array of HP notebooks and all my friends love it! Multi-touch has become a part of life on my EliteBook 8740w and EliteBook 2530p, though I’m torn between the multi-touch touchpads on my EliteBooks and my new Logitech G700 hybrid wireless/wired gaming mouse these days (and I shall talk about the G700 another day).

Anyway, back to the topic on hand, now that I have multi-touch, I’m going in search for the next big thing to “pimp my EliteBook”: 3D output! And I’m sure 3D gaming and movie watching on the EliteBook 8740w’s 1 billion color DreamColor screen is gonna be pretty sweet… So I heard one can install a custom Nvidia driver for most modern Nvidia cards (3D capable or not), put on a pair of red/blue glasses and magically transform any non-3D display into one that pumps out and displays everything in 3D, and I’ve finally got down to ordering them colored 3D glasses. My colored glasses are being shipped to me as we speak and I’m looking for the most stable Nvidia graphics driver I can find for 3D; and I’ll have a review and tutorial up (if it works well!) in March!

Also, I’m going to take things a step further, by trying 3D on the EliteBook 2530p using a pair of Sony polarized Real-D glasses and a polarized privacy screen. I’m not sure if anyone’s tried something like this before… if not I’ll be the first one to do it and I’ll report my results here.

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  1. Wildfire March 1, 2011 Reply

    I don’t think your idea with the privacy screen will work unless I’m completely mistaken about how they work 🙂

    Simplified a polarized 3D screen works as follows:
    The screen uses vertical polarization for all even lines and horizontal polarization for all odd lines (or vice versa, doesn’t really matter). The 3D glasses use vertical polarization for the left glass and horizontal for the right glass.
    This way your left eye only gets to see even lines, the right eye only gets to see odd lines (effectively halving your monitors resolution). The image appears as 3D if both eyes are presented with the same scene at a slightly different viewing angle.

    Contrary to that, privacy screens use the same polarization for the whole image, in order to reduce the angle at which an image is visible. This is meant to prevent others from viewing your monitors content. However it does not show a different image for each eye, thus no 3D effect.

  2. vēer March 1, 2011 Reply

    Good luck, will be interesting to see how much youll spend on it, especialy on 12″!

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