WebOS 2.0 and the fate of Palm’s brand

It seems that we’re hearing about Palm almost everyday lately, which is  a good sign. Fortune has just confirmed that Jon Rubinstein (Palm’s CEO, and of course Palm is now part of HP) talked about WebOS 2.0 coming later this year (2010). Hopefully it’ll be as great for productivity as it will be awesome for handheld gaming (as HP’s Rahul Sood implied in a blog post just two days ago).

In other Palm-related news, it was also mentioned today that Palm will become a sub-brand under HP (just like what happened to other companies that HP bought over, such as Rahul’s Voodoo PC gaming computer company). While this move is not unexpected, I cannot help but wonder about the fate of the iPAQ brand. Perhaps this is a sign that WebOS devices will be sold under the “HP Palm” name while they will revive the iPAQ line sometime down the road to run Windows Phone 7? Afterall, Microsoft did include HP as one of the companies during the announcement of Windows Phone 7 earlier this year…

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  1. abc July 23, 2010 Reply

    Does anyone know what is up with HP no longer being a ‘Launch Partner’ for WP7? I was looking forward to a HP device!
    [ http://www.wmexperts.com/hp-no-longer-listed-windows-phone-7-launch-partner-we-shrug ]

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