Lenovo has their Android LePad; HP to come out with WebOS “PalmPad”?

As if the iPad name wasn’t/isn’t bad enough (remember the jokes about the name when Apple first announced the iPad?), now it seems everyone’s following the suit! Today, Lenovo unveiled their plans to release their Android-running LePad tablet by the end of this year (the name LePad is probably “Lenovo Pad” for short, but could easily be mistaken and confused for something else by the French, due to its French-sounding name). Anyway, there could be no better a time for such news from Lenovo to break – coming less than 24 hours after it was discovered HP filed for a trademark for the name PalmPad.

And on we go to the name “Palm Pad”, which we can say with almost 100% certainty will be a tablet form-factor device running WebOS (and most likely an HP-tweaked and HP-design-sprinkled version of WebOS). The question is when? And will the Palm Pad take the place of the planned Windows-running HP Slate as a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad? No details there either, but I have a good feeling that the answer for the latter question will be YES, since Windows 7 can be a potentially clunky OS on a low-powered, slim tablet device and everyone’s been screaming for a WebOS so much, that I’m pretty sure someone at HP would have taken note.

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  1. Dan * September 21, 2011 Reply

    The idea that trying to climb on Apple’s coattails by cloning the name, rather than come up with and original and catchy term or their own will be a winning marketing strategy seems pretty tenuous to me.

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