Two ‘Books, one bag

Well, here’s a little picture for everyone’s entertainment while waiting for Part 3 of my “choosing an ultra-portable” journey… It’s the HP Elitebook 8440p stacked on top of a 13 inch Apple white/plastic MacBook! Before anyone asks, no I don’t use Macs =) (don’t own one either).

Anyway, I figured I published the first two parts of my series a little too early – because what I ordered hasn’t arrived yet, and I really want to have some ‘in the flesh’ pictures to show you guys. So expect the conclusion of the series to be dragged out to mid to end July after the delivery guy rings my doorbell!

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  1. ghg33k August 10, 2010 Reply

    I could swear this was my bag a week ago… lol Mine was the 8540w and the MacBook 2nd Gen

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