2 GB Nvidia Quadro FX5000M card announced; coming to Elitebook 8740w

Nvidia has just announced their first bunch of “Fermi” Quadro workstation class graphics card that supports DirectX 11 for both desktops and notebooks. The Nvidia Quadro FX5000M not only has 2 GB of memory (which we already knew about from ‘service parts’ for the Elitebook 8740w that have been posted on HP’s website for months now), but is superior to the current (and now, former) top of the line Quadro FX3800M in almost every way imaginable, at least on paper.

Aside from having double the memory, the Quadro FX5000M is also Nvidia’s first, and currently only, mobile Quadro card supporting the latest iterations of DirectX (DX11), OpenGL (Open GL 4.0) and shader model (5.0). Compared to the Quadro FX3800M, the FX5000M has more than double the number of cores (320 vs 128 cores), 20% more bandwidth (76.8 vs 64 GB/sec) and of course, again, has 2 GB of GDDR5 memory (vs the FX3800M topping out at 1 GB; GDDR3). There’s even an unseen “improvement” in terms of heat/power consumption, since the Quadro FX5000M still has a TDP of 100W, so theoretically it should perform much better than older flagship Quadro cards, while consuming similar amounts of energy.

The best part of all this is that the Quadro FX5000M will be available for the Elitebook 8740w in the future, though at an unspecified date and price. If you’ve already gotten an Elitebook 8740w, fear not for there’s always the ability to swap parts like people have been doing for ages… You’d better start studying that 8740w service manual now!

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