HP Eliteboook 8740w specifications leak; plus leaks roundup

Picture by reader T.Y.: Is this the 8740w's lid?!

It looks like we now have enough information to construct a rumors + specifications roundup, with special thanks going out for a few anonymous tipsters, a person by the name ‘HP Fan‘ who has seen an Elitebook 8740w datasheet (!!) and plenty of internet searchers =). First off, a little update about announcement time: a reliable source is “pretty confident” that the Elitebook 8740w will be coming out this month along with other products targeting designers and people who do graphics work (ie DreamColor 2 and new external display panels) – I can see the adrenaline build-up in the crowd already!

HP Elitebook 8740w processor options (Thanks, Google Cache!)

And here’s what’s been confirmed about the HP Elitebook 8740w so far (I’ve included links to old/related posts in case you’ve missed them in the past):

  • Intel Core i7 720QM 1.6 GHz quad core processor and 820QM 1.73 GHz quad core processor; ‘other’ Core i5 processors
  • 4 DDR3 1333 MHz RAM slots for up to 16 GB of total RAM
  • ONE hard disk bay with optical drive; removable optical drive doubles as expansion bay
  • NEW ATI FirePro M7820 workstation graphics; with 1GB GDDR5 memory
  • Choice of new ATI FirePro M7820 graphics above, Nvidia Quadro FX3800M or Nvidia Quadro FX2800M
  • 17 inch display (up to full HD); optional full HD DreamColor 2 display (same tech, but obviously different size, as 8540w DC2)
  • Full-size keyboard with number pad; partial-chiclet style!
  • Selective number of USB 3.0 ports
  • Single-touch trackpad with pointing set; 2 sets of 3 mouse buttons
  • 7.86 lbs weight AKA 3.57 kg

Oh, the Elitebook 8740w will also be compatible with some sort of new “2010 Advanced WKS Docking Station”… whatever that means, along with other newly launched Elitebooks (except 2540p and 2740p).

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  1. Chema March 4, 2010 Reply

    It’s strange the 8740w won’t (initially probably) support the i7 920XM processor. Anyway, the 820QM it’s enough for me.

    Any info on a new web camera with ultra high res. (3.2MP) like the recent refresh of the Dell Precision M6500?

    • Brad March 4, 2010 Reply

      Hmm, word is that the new Elitebooks will receive upgrades on the inside throughout their life (this generation is expected to last till late 2011/early 2012 when their replacements come out) ie new components, but same shell. The Core i7 Mobile’s are already almost 1/2 a year old as of now, so maybe HP will include the 920XM as an option at a later date AND/OR use Intel’s new batch of 830QM and 930XM quad core i7’s when they come out. No news on whether the 2MP webcam will receive a megapixel boost and new module, but chances are yes, if HP rewires and shuffles components under the bezel to fit in their Night Light into 17 inch display (remember 8730w had no Night Light), they might as well also do a webcam upgrade.

      Psst… an update from a reliable source says models are already being prepared for shipping at this time, boosting probability for a March release. Those are rumored to be pre-built models to cope with “high demand” (hmmm DreamWorks orders?) with CTO to be available shortly after announcement ala 8440/8540 pattern after launch

  2. Juggs March 5, 2010 Reply

    Based upon that screen with the dock info i think i am getting one as a apart of a bundle deal that i ordered. I got an 8540 with a 230 advanced dock. It is one of there smart buy bundles and it looks like that is the only dock that will work for it.

  3. KLF March 7, 2010 Reply

    I did some searching about the dock, found one online retailer selling it for 155e and it also showed the product code (VB043AA#ABB). After that it was easy search:

    Display port is the “new thing” I guess, otherwise it seems quite normal. I just wonder if the new laptops work with older docks and vice versa.

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