HP’s Phil McKinney talks more about the HP Slate

Hey, remember when Microsoft and HP showed off the new HP Slate during CES 2010 earlier this month/year? HP has just posted a video featuring Phil McKinney and the HP Slate… and they couldn’t have picked a better time, less than 48 hours before Apple’s “launch event” for 2010 (supposedly the Apple tablet is debut during then). I’m getting kinda sick of Apple tablet rumors; I usually click off/close windows when I see “Apple tablet rumors” being posted – normally it’s the same old speculation recycled over and over again to generate hype. But after checking out the (mostly positive) reaction across the net today towards the HP Slate, I think this is gonna be a very appealing, very competitive offering against the currently-vaporware competitor from Apple (and also other tablet form-factor devices). I mean, a full fledged Windows 7 in a relatively compact and slim design… and HP’s usual touch-optimized, Touchsmart-like user friendly add-on user interface – bring it on!

Here’s the YouTube video courtesy of HP (You can watch it in HD if you like)

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  1. Patricia April 27, 2010 Reply

    I am a huge fan of HP and although you have great products when it comes to items such as this (could be big sellers) HP’s marketing just doesn’t have the strength of Apple. HP needs to make market it’s products big time so whatever product it is …is a household name ….like (unforuntately like Ipod/Ipad/Iphone) Apple.

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