HP Probook 6440b and Probook 6540b now official

Along with the earlier Elitebook models, HP has also released two new models for the more affordable line of business notebooks, the Probook series. The Probook 6440b and 6540b are 14 inch and 15 inch machines respectively, both featuring displays with 16:9 widescreen ratios.

The Probook 6440b has a normal full-sized keyboard while the Probook 6540b has a full-sized keyboard plus numeric keypad on the right. Both will have two DDR3 RAM slots, single hard disk bay, optical drive bay and spill-resistant keyboards, and will feature various Intel processor options to choose from. Essentially, both the Probook models announced today are not completely new, merely Intel variants of their AMD-sporting Probook 6445b and 6545b counterparts. The notebooks will start selling next month at a starting price of $950 for the 6440b (presumably the 6540b will be around$100-150 pricier)

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