HP officiates existence of Mini 2101, Mini 210 and Compaq 201 netbooks

Though there’s a small chance that you may have already bought one before the New Year, HP decided to officially launch their Mini 210 consumer netbook anyway (with the latest Intel N450 processor and up to 2 GB of RAM). You can check out the full specifications of the Mini 210 here that we already posted last week (!!!). Along with the Mini 210 come two lookalike siblings, the Mini 2101 has mostly the same features as the Mini 210 but is aimed at professional users (I thought this was the Mini 5101’s job?!) and the Compaq Mini 201, which sports an older Intel Atom N270 processor and only 1 GB of RAM (looks those miscellaneous low-quality internet leaks on the “Compaq CQ10” and its specifications were wrong, huh?).

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