HP to launch spring ’10 consumer and business computers separately?

A little bird told me HP will be launching their consumer and business oriented PC’s on different dates (a strategy well used by many companies to prevent news ‘cannibalization’ when releasing multiple new products), presumably so the two different sides get full attention from the public/media each time. And guess what they’re likely to do during the Consumer Electronics Show this week?!

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  1. Arjen January 6, 2010 Reply

    Do you know when the new HP Probook models will be announced?

  2. Arjen January 6, 2010 Reply

    Too bad. I want to get a HP Probook 4710s, because it has a non glare screen and it is affordable (710 euro), but i also want a core i5 processor. Any idea what later on in spring means? March or later?

    • Brad January 7, 2010 Reply

      From what I’ve heard, there will be another round of announcements, currently planned for late this month or February. I’m not sure if waiting out for the new goodies will be worth it unless you have large pockets. “New Core i5” and “affordable” don’t really go along with each other, at least not for now.
      New models: on the consumer notebook side, there’s the Pavilion dv4 refresh with Core i5 (but it has a glossy screen), Compaq CQ/G models and stuff. Luxury notebooks: Envy 14 and Envy 17 are likely to be simultaneously announced. More new Elitebooks: 2540p, 2740p and 8740w… but these Elitebooks are at the extreme ends of the spectrum (either very portable, or very big, but either way are very expensive).

      As far as the Probook line goes, I haven’t received any news on my radar about any more new Probooks. Perhaps there will be incremental refreshes with Intel’s new Core i3 (and maybe i5) processors, but that’s further down the road. If I were to make a guess, it would be done when launching the new Elitebooks next month (small chance) or nearer to May/June during summer.

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