HP Fansite is Nilay Patel’s “favorite fanboy-run site”

Niley Patel's tweet about us!

Nilay Patel (Senior associate editor of big tech/gadget blog Engadget) has recently mentioned us, the HP Fansite, as his “favorite fanboy-run site” in a tweet from his Twitter account. Thanks for the compliment there, Nilay =) I’m over the moon right now about this; I can’t describe how happy I am, it’s like the feeling of being on the Dean’s list or something =).

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  1. Chema January 9, 2010 Reply

    Congratulations Brad! 😉

    Your blog is well worth and I see you spend several hours to bring us the latest news about HP products and your personal reviews and opinions about these products too!

    Thanks for your effort 🙂

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