HP Elitebook 2740p tablet to be manufactured in “Spring 2010”

Elitebook 2740p mentioned on a high school website

An anonymous person has just tipped us off about the “manufacturing date” of the upcoming HP Elitebook 2740p posted on a Michigan high school’s website. Mercy High School mentions in an announcement about their Student Computing Package that the HP Elitebook 2740p is set to be manufactured in Spring 2010 (which probably means anywhere between now and March-April?). They go on to mention that the Elitebook 2740p tablet is a “non-consumer professional model” which I’m sure many of us do know already.

If the Elitebook 2740p is set to be manufactured this spring as they say, then an official announcement might just be around the corner. Hmmm. HP might be releasing it real soon to capitalize on the new semester for students, co-inciding with some “February” whispers and the fact they’re splitting new product announcements into two parts (one was CES 2010, the other upcoming).

As for specifications, well, it’s gonna be a great surprise… we’ve already seen what HP did with their consumer Touchsmart tablet. Anyone wanna throw in a few words about what they might do with their business/professional Elitebook one?

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  1. Malte January 16, 2010 Reply

    I hope that they add some better processors than the current 2730p (Low Voltage, up to 2.13Ghz) to compete against models like the Toshiba M700 (Centrino 2, up to 2.53Ghz ), etc. Other than the need for a performance increase IMO, it should be a great product.

    Looking to upgrade from my Toshiba M405, I wouldn’t mind a slight weight increase (from 1.7kg), if that meant more performance.

    I would love to use it (if it has multi-touch) to develop Win7 Multi-Touch applications.

  2. Bilzebub January 18, 2010 Reply

    For me, coming from a TC4400 and TC4200 both at 4.2 pounds, I would love to drop a pound or even 1.5 more than anything else — the 2730 was a step in the right direction in that respect, and it would be a shame to see them bulk back up, as reading and annotation texts can become quite tiring at the 4-pound threshold.

    Other than thatI would gladly sacrifice performance for battery life, though I am quite intrigued by the possibility of having that new WiDi chip from intel, to allow wireless streaming to an Intel receiver-equipped display, for the purposes of making presentations that much easier. The thought of moving about the room while inking on powerpoint slides leaves me in a state of imaginary gadget lust!

  3. Brian Høy January 19, 2010 Reply

    I havent really seen anyone mentioning the result from googleing 2740p site:hp.com

    first hit gives a nice korean spreadsheet, with accessories, so it will use a new docking station, and come with 250 or 320 GB HDD… but still use the same ultra slim battery

  4. Tim February 3, 2010 Reply

    My TC 4400 was used heavily for meeting note taking and remote server administration. I found it great for desktop support. I carried it around in tablet mode (small and unassuming), and could RDP in to the servers to resolve issues without having to bump uses off their PCs or my PC to keep working as I nursed a scroll bar. I probably converted between tablet and notebook 30 times a day. Out of the office with an aircard this little guy was no burden to carry.
    I thought the weight of the TC 4400 was fine even when I had to hold it for 4-5 hours while taking notes in the field (loved that Enhanced Outdoor-viewable Display).
    A larger screen would be nice, even just an extra half inch. I RDP a lot and not all server apps are usable at low resolution. (I miss my 14” Toshiba tablet with optical drive now and then, but only for those two items). The 1024 x 768 of the TC4400 was a problem the 1280 × 800 of the 2730p probably alleviated this, but a bit more could not hurt.
    WiDi and an i5 (or i7) processor would sure be nice, especially for corporate training.
    I would like to have a docking solution equivalent (or better) to the X200 UltraBase for the Lenovo x200 tablet. The ability to have a mobile optical drive mount on the notebook when I need it so I can remain mobile rather than juggling an external device while portable is appealing to me. 90% of the time it can live in bag unattached to the tablet. I would like to watch blue rays while traveling (I gotta bring it anyway), or if I am desperate do work related stuff like load software on the network or burn DVDs.

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