HP Zeen and HP Airlife: New handheld device (tablet/reader?) and App Store?

The New York Times has recently published an article about HP filing trademarks for the names “Zeen” and “Airlife” with the US Trademark/Patents Office, describing the Zeen as a handheld device while Airlife seems to appear to be a one-stop item covering things from handheld devices to computers to mobile phones, which leads me to believe the latter is an application store (better known nowadays as App Store) of sorts or at least a portal which covers accessories and/or software for the mentioned devices. No specifications, no further details, nothing, just two mysterious to-be-trademarked names. And the question is, will these two product/service names ever see the light of day? What will HP use them for? Two things are for sure: HP will still be using the iPAQ name for their mobile phones (confirmed by a reliable source) and we’ll keep you informed about the latest and greatest HP news all year round in 2010!

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