HP updates business notebooks page; prepping for new products?!


I gotta admit, I’ve  been obsessively visiting HP.com’s business notebook page ever since word of the new generation of Elitebooks surfaced (I make it a point to check at least once a week, but usually it’s more). Anyway, I noticed today that HP updated their business notebooks page, pushing the Probook series one step higher, just before the Elitebook series (Probook used to be in the 3rd column, where “essential” notebooks are now present). Seems kinda odd that HP would update THAT specific page at this time of year. I mean, what’s the rush/need? Who gifts business notebooks, which are really pricey anyway, for Christmas?

Well, that’s why I suspect three things:

  1. HP is going to release their next gen Elitebook models soon (plausible, but why would they update the FRONT page of their notebooks page?)
  2. HP might create another new, entry-level business notebook line to succeed the old HP Compaq b-variants (ie 6510b, 6530b, etc) that sits below the Probook line (likely, seeing they reshuffled their notebooks positioning). It’s likely that this new line will go under the “essential” series.
  3. HP feels that their business notebooks page is getting old and stale, and decided to update it just for the kicks (hmmm…)


The screenshot above is what the HP business notebook page used to look like. See the diff? I guess time will tell what’s coming up.

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