External display problems with HP Mini’s?… yea right…

I just read one of the trashiest news stories I’ve ever seen this morning – about lack of VGA adapters for the HP Mini 1000 and secondary display output problems from the HP Mini 2140; which implied that both problems were ever so serious and at large… this is coming from one of Apple’s biggest fansites disguised as a normal tech site. Mini 2140 secondary display output problems? Yea right… nothing wrong here, I can even connect an external 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor… and it works… connections to projectors is almost a weekly/monthly thing for me… and it works every time.

I’m pretty sure the HP Mini 1000’s port for external display is also the same thing as found on Sony’s Vaio P netbook, and not some proprietary port. So even if HP or Sony didn’t officially sell/lacks stock for those VGA adapters, why not head on to your nearest electronics store or eBay to find a 3rd party version?

Seems like the guys over there who wrote such a post are trying to down HP’s image and reliability. It’s as if Apple’s Mini Display Port (the REAL proprietary, Apple-exclusive port) doesn’t have its fair share of problems either…

To be honest, I’m quite sick of websites which claim themselves as “tech blogs” despite them being apparently and obviously biased towards a certain brand… and that brand only. I’ll save my rant in full for another day, but the summary of today is: if you’re singing praises about Apple products on an almost daily basis, why not call yourself “The Apple Fansite” instead of a “general tech website”? You don’t exactly have to create false issues or blow up a tiny problem of other brands either, do you?

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  1. Clark Teemant February 10, 2012 Reply

    is the HP Mini 1000′s port for external display actually the same thing as found on Sony’s Vaio P netbook? I can’t find the cable… been searching for over a year. please help if you have the solution. thanks,Clark

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