HP Firebird 802 sharing Touchsmart’s keyboard & mouse?

With the HP Firebird 802 feat. Voodoo DNA pre-production models, prototyp-ing and testing all in the rage over the past few days, I couldn’t help but notice HP seems to be shipping their Firebird 802 units (again, let me remind you, pre-production) with the exact same keyboard as their Touchsmart PCs. And oh, a mouse which looks eeriely identical as well. The ONLY difference is that the Firebird 802 comes with a small, flash-drive sized USB wireless receiver for the mouse and keyboard, while the Touchsmart’s wireless receiver for both seems to be built-in… hmm strange

There are both good and bad sides to the external receiver. Bad news first, many people would expect the receiver to be built into that fancy chassis, which by right should have enough space for such a tiny device. The good side to this is… I suppose most buyers of the HP Firebird 802 will be gamers, who usually tend to have different “tastes” when it comes to keyboard and mice. So if this same keyboard and mouse is bundled with the retail version, I still doubt many real gamers would roll with them instead of using their own keyboard/mouse. Also, the keyboard and mouse here aren’t exactly meant for gaming you see… (see below)

Well, in terms of ergonomics and usability, the Touchsmart’s (and for now, pre-prod Firebird’s) keyboard and mouse are more suited for casual use. The mouse is a three-button one with a scroll wheel, no DPI adjustment, side buttons or any fancy gaming features here, folks! The keyboard, especially, is more for typing and office use rather than gaming. Will we see HP including the same “Touchsmart mouse and keyboard” boxed with finalized, retail Firebird 802’s? Only time will tell… and we’ll find out once retail Firebirds start shipping…

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