No, don’t release Windows 7 yet

As opposed to those making petitions and screaming and yelling for Windows 7 to be released (aka in a “I want it, and I want it now!” manner), I don’t think Microsoft should release Windows 7 that quickly yet. Sure the Beta of Windows 7 looks, feels and seems to run pretty well thus far and lots of people are satisfied; now anticipating the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system more than ever. But why not wait a while more for further testing and any (more) bugs to be ironed out to perfection so we actually have a STABLE operating system in the end when it launches.

Why the rush for Windows 7 to be released? There’s already the beta version available of 7 available for download and you’ve already waited two years since Vista (seven to eight years if you’re coming from Win XP), what’s a few months compared to that? I’d go with Microsoft taking their time to perfect Windows 7 instead of releasing it in a hurry, in a clumsy manner.

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