Hey! Sony Vaio P hands on

Hey! I thought this was a HP Fansite?! What’s the Sony Vaio P doing here? True, but that still doesn’t stop me from posting a picture of probably one of the most hyped up products of 2009 and comparing it against the HP Mini, does it? It’s not mine anyway, neither am I even having the slightest thought of getting one (1. It’s way overpriced for what it REALLY is, and 2. It really doesn’t offer much over the HP Mini I already have besides the smaller size).

My initial impressions: The Sony Vaio P is small in size, it’s like the HP Mini with only a keyboard (chopping off the trackpad bit of the netbook to make the Vaio P a long, narrow PC), and comes in four colors. The Vaio P has a high resolution 16:9 screen with a resolution of 1600 x 768 pixels (that’s a little more than 200 pixels wider than the HP Mini 2140). The bad news is that if you thought the fonts and all were tiny on a screen like the HP Mini 2133’s, you’re gonna scream looking at the even smaller fonts on the Vaio P. I appreciate the trackpoint (or as some put it, the “nipple” point) on the Vaio P though.

The keyboard on the Vaio P has well spread-out keys that many will probably find better than on most other netbooks, like Asus’ Eee PCs and the Acer Aspire One. Compared to the HP Mini’s, the keyboard on the Vaio P has keys which are a tad smaller but better spaced out, though HP’s keyboards have the edge with a full-sized right SHIFT key and more “travel” when pressing a key… the latter, being my preference, is subjective.

Overall, I would consider the Sony Vaio P more of a luxury product rather than a true affordable netbook. While it does have some edges like a high-res screen and GPS, I’m not sure if the weaker-than-average 1.33 GHz Intel Atom processor and high price tag (almost two to three times more expensive than an average netbook) would make people rush for this thing.

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