Hey look, HP Mini 2140 hands on!

My hands on the HP Mini 2140 that is! For those who are thinking “huh? you mean Mini 2133”, HP just announced the successor to the 2133 last night, and it’s called the HP Mini 2140. From far, it looks just like the Mini 2133, but look closely and you’ll spot a couple of design differences in some areas as well as a larger, higher-resolution (yes!!) 10 inch LCD. Under the hood, the Mini 2140 packs Intel’s 1.6 GHz Atom processor like other netbooks (versus a VIA processor in the 2133).

Of course THIS IS THE (unofficial) HP FANSITE and I’ve got some hands on photos of the Mini 2140! I’m also glad to report that the HP Mini 2140 runs a LOT cooler than its VIA-processor sibling, the 2133.

I know these aren’t the best photos in the world, but hey, I’ve barely spent a few hours with the Mini 2140.

Look, it’s the HP Mini 2140! (Left: HP Mini 2133, right: HP Mini 2140) Note the screen size difference.

Probably one of the factors that contributes to the HP Mini 2140 being “cooler” than the Mini 2133, besides the obvious processor difference, is the new air vent design. The Mini 2140 (bottom) lacks the additional grills, which probably reduce air flow, found on the Mini 2133 (top).

There’s also some differences on the underside of the netbook – a whole lot more vents (apparently, the white sticker on the upper right side is covering another big airvent). Mini 2133 on the left, Mini 2140 on the right. Oh, and for those who are curious, the new HP Mini 2140 uses the exact same 3-cell and 6-cell battery units as the Mini 2133 (great news for those existing owners planning for an upgrade).

You can see over here how there’s less bezel and more screen on the HP Mini 2140 (Mini 2133 on left, Mini 2140 on right).

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  1. neko January 9, 2009 Reply

    where are the build-in speaker(s)? does the sound quality as good as the old 2133?

  2. Brad January 10, 2009 Reply

    Hi, the built-in stereo speakers of the Mini 2140 are located under the screen (basically between the lower part of the screen and the battery). Because of the speakers’ position, the sound is sort of “bounced” upwards and thus has more depth than the 2133. However, also because of their position, the speakers’ left-right stereo separation isn’t as good/noticeable on the Mini 2140 (compared to the 2133’s speakers which were placed on the very edges of the screen)

  3. Bob May 30, 2009 Reply

    Hi, I wanted to verify whether the 3-cell battery on the 2133 was indeed the same as the one for the 2140. I wanted to buy one of each when I got my 2140, but as you know HP doesn’t sell the 3-cell as a single part. My 2140 came pre-configured with the 6-cell. I read something I got from the HP website that listed them with different SKU numbers and specified that each SKU was “only” for the laptop listed.

    • Brad June 2, 2009 Reply

      Hi Bob, you are correct – the 3 cell battery for the Mini 2133 is the exact same one as what the Mini 2140 uses. I have both Mini’s along with their respective 3 and 6 cell batteries, and I use the interchangeably so you should have no problem doing the same too.

  4. Bob June 3, 2009 Reply

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for clarifying. I’m glad they’re indeed the same. By any chance do you know of a place that sells the 3-cells? HP will seems to only sell the 6-cell on it’s own. I like the 6-cell, but I will be traveling with a lot of gear this summer and it would be really nice to have the smaller (physical) battery.

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