A little overload

Wow, this is madness, my HP Mini Note 2133 hung for quite a bit while I was rushing out this morning. I was trying to download about 150+ MB worth of files from my USB drive and SD card, so I didn’t need to bring those with me (Yes, data security is a large concern for me). I had three instances of File Explorer open, along with Firefox having several tabs open, Microsoft Word 2007 attempting to open one of my (huge) files… and then AVG decides to start its once in a while computer scan – oh what a right time to start a scan and bog down my system!! One more app decided to run by itself – Windows Update and everything grinded to a halt. Bugger.

I knew I had to close some of the programs… It took a while (like a minute?) for the Mini to close Office 2007, then my browser window, then the My Documents folder (which then came up with “This program is not responding”). I then reopened File Explorer, transferred my files across to the HDD, unplugged my flash drives and was out the door. In a way, I was lucky not having to reboot Windows Vista – because I was going to do that when the system hung and wouldn’t respond to any of my mouse clicks.

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