Netbooks CAN do 720p movies

Are you kidding me? I just read from several websites about how people complain netbooks can do only “limited things” and are “useless for anything above 720p”. I guess there are a lot of people out they who enjoy jumping to conclusions or ranting about something they don’t even own!

I watch at least one (720p) movie a month on my HP Mini 2133 and nothing wrong. Sure I’m sure the netbook’s 1.6 GHz processor could’ve left out some frames while playing; but I didn’t notice it that much at all. I don’t believe in overly in-depth technical testing where even one or two frames ‘count’, since if something is good enough (in this case, watchable), then why complain about a few dropped frames? It’s not that your eyes have a built-in FPS benchmarker.

I also read that you can browse the web, do documents and listen to music all at once on a netbook without it being ‘untolerably slow’. Rubbish, I say. Most of the time I have Firefox with a few tabs open, Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, Windows Explorer with picture viewer and WinAmp on all at the same time. Umm no crashes or insane slowdowns as reported by some full notebook (*ahem MacBook *ahem*) purists.

There you go; Myth busted.

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