Mercedes uses HP tablets and servers, and you know it!

Spot the HP logo!

Spot the HP logo!

In a not-so-recent promotional video of their S-Class Guard “everything-proof” luxury car, Mercedes used a lot of HP equipment – most noticeably a HP Tablet PC (I think it’s a black 2710p but I could be wrong), various large HP LCD display units and HP servers in the background.

The video itself is one of the most marvelous and one of the best product promotional videos by a company that I’ve seen to date. It’s sophisticated, it has some pretty ‘cool’ scenes in it (ie the high tech machinery and servers, firing several rounds and attempting to blow up the car) and the soundtrack (Bobblin Remix by DJ Riggy) accompanying the 5 minute long video clip is great. Most importantly, it conveys the message clearly and pushes the product features (run flat tires, traction stability control, bulletproof, bomb resistant, gas proof) to the crowd, all without telling them to buy anything.

Definitely something that companies from various industries could learn from. I’d love to see more of these kinda video ads around. Hint: Mercedes S-Class = Luxury, and Voodoo Envy 133 = Luxury šŸ™‚

With Tony Stark using Dell and CSI using Apple (although I noticed a lot of HP stuff in their more recent seasons and episodes), it’s good to know that Mercedes uses HP!

You can also view the video here.

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