HP Elitebook 8730w and HP Mini Note 2133 together

Alright, you gotta admit – this is beautiful, a HP Mini Note 2133 netbook placed on the HP Elitebook 8730w Mobile Workstation. Just like a baby sitting on daddy’s lap. The perfect combo for anyone with hard core productivity in mind (ie photographers, script coders) – a small little netbook for working on the go and a big notebook at home or in the office for crunching data, graphics, photos and anything else you throw at it.

Let me give you a real life example of this perfect dual notebook set up. Let’s say you’re a photographer – maybe a sports photographer or you take wedding pictures – and you’ve just done with a photo shoot. The HP Mini Note 2133 is tiny enough to fit into your camera bag with ease to be brought along with you. You can display your photos on-the-go, straight out of the camera on the HP Mini Note 2133… either via a wireless transfer accessory that moves photos on the fly from the camera to your mini notebook while you take photos, or the old school way of using a card reader (the HP Mini Note 2133 has a built-in SD/SDHC card reader by the way).

Your clients will be impressed with the ability for them to choose which photos they like almost immediately after a shoot;  normally they would have to wait for a “samples selection disc” from the photographer then pick their photos. With that out of the way, you go back home, process the photos on that huge powerhouse Elitebook 8730w and deliver them to your clients quickly and effectively. There you have it, improved workflow.

Of course, it’s not only photographers who will benefit greatly from this setup… just be a little creative with suiting the two PC’s to your needs, the possibilities are endless.

Note 1: The HP Elitebook 8730w is a fantastic PC, but sadly, doesn’t belong to me.

Note 2: *Points at the Voodoo theme on the HP Mini 2133 and smiles proudly*

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  1. islahuddin October 19, 2013 Reply

    Hello, how r u every one i want to said that i want a laptop n i like hp elite series so much but i cannot afford if there is any possibility iwant this and i found it if there is any possibility of help plz reply me


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