hp’s unofficial fansite has arrived

It’s here, the HP Fansite! The unofficial community and resource for everything HP.

Hi, I’m Brad S. and I’ll be your MC for the site. Who am I? I’m a self-described technology geek and HP’s biggest fan ever. HP as in Hewlett Packard, not Hush Puppies. That’s probably not an exaggeration, I love HP a lot. And no, I do not work in HP, or Voodoo, nor do I have a shop of my own selling HP computers.

Why do I love HP things so much, you ask?

A lot of reasons. Too many to list that even if I attempted to write them all down in a 500,000 word long article, that would barely suffice. So enter the HP Fansite, the intention of this site is to share that passion with the world. I’ll be writing about HP products, bringing to you the latest news, things like that. Of course, the other focus that makes this place cozy is a community for “chit-chat over a cup of tea”, as I like to call it, about almost anything. Right now, I’m thinking technology and gadget discussions, user thoughts about HP products and ideas from you and me… but it’ll grow once you, me, everyone starts chiming in right? Look out for that in a few days’ time.

Stick around, it’s gonna be fun.

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  1. Angelo Embuldeniya November 16, 2008 Reply

    Hey Brad! Thanks for following everything-HP on twitter 🙂 I’ll definitely give the folks at Voodoo a heads up on your offer to provide Hi-Res images of our products as the Voodoo / VP of Gaming at HP is an enthusiastic gamer and blogger and would be delighted to see what you’ve come up with ;-), but mostly, thanks much for evangelizing HP out there!


  2. Brad November 16, 2008 Reply

    Hi Angelo, it’s a pleasure to know that HP’s already reading about this site (considering we’re barely 3 days old =). I’m definitely gonna put in some effort in bringing up the site and community… the world is in need of more awareness of HP products. Thanks for visiting


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