8.9 inch vs 10 inch netbook LCD displays

Phew I just came up from taking pictures of two of HP’s netbooks aka mini notebooks side-by-side (namely the new HP Mini 1000 and HP Mini Note 2133), and snapping the HP Mini 1000 all over. So this picture actually demonstrates the difference between the common LCD screen sizes available for netbooks; which are 8.9 inch and 10.2 inch displays. The ten inch display has a fairly noticeable size difference compared to the 8.9 inch one, even if they weren’t placed side-by-side as in this comparison.

The HP Mini 1000 (the black notebook on the left) features a 10.2 inch LCD display while the HP Mini Note 2133 (the silver notebook on the right) has an 8.9 inch LCD display. Although its screen is smaller, the HP Mini Note 2133 has a high-resolution display, so the icons appear smaller.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, that’s the very smexy Voodoo theme with background I’m using there on the HP Mini Note 2133.

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  1. Sergie November 16, 2008 Reply

    Nice comparison, looking to buy the HP 1000 when it arrives

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