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Spotted: HP ZBook 15 and ZBook 17 specifications, 1499 and 1915 Euro price tags

By Brad Jul 28 2013 5 Comments

Not a few weeks ago, specifications pages for two HP products previously unheard of, the ZBook 15 and ZBook 17, surfaced on Belgian website Academic Shop. The website, which sells computer hardware and software geared towards the education market, quickly pulled them but it looks like the folks at Academic Shop have just relisted the specifications lists. They’ve also replaced the ZBook names with more mysterious sounding “New HP 15 inch Elite platform” and “

Rumor: HP ZBook 15 and ZBbook 17, new design for Haswell EliteBooks, 10 inch Android tablet coming
Rumor Mill

Rumor: HP ZBook 15 and ZBbook 17, new design for Haswell EliteBooks, 10 inch Android tablet coming

By Brad Jul 14 2013 15 Comments

It’s that time of the year again; there was word earlier this week about Lenovo coming out with new Intel Haswell-equipped ThinkPad models. But it appears the rumor mill has churned out a little something for fans of HP as well.
The first tidbit comes from the same Chinese forum that brought word about next-generation EliteBook Workstation models sporting big air vents. At least four business-class laptops have been named, along with a change in naming convention: […]

Huge air vents on next-generation EliteBook 8780w?
Rumor Mill

Huge air vents on next-generation EliteBook 8780w?

By Brad Feb 20 2013 5 Comments

It feels like an awfully long time since we last heard from the rumor mill. This latest one comes from a Chinese forum where a poster claims to have seen photos of the next-generation HP EliteBook 8780w during a private meeting. He/she confirms that the EliteBook 8780w will be the next 17 inch Mobile Workstation from HP and that it will sport huge vents, presumably for better cooling, and dual hard disk bays.
Said individual also comments the […]

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PlayStation 4 hardware analyzed: AMD inside and a Radeon 6970 GPU?

By Brad Feb 20 2013 add comment

Sony is in the midst of its event in New York right now, where they have just announced the PlayStation 4 and now talking about the new console’s features. As a big time gamer and fan of various video game franchises myself, one thing that caught my attention was early in the event where Sony talked about the key hardware specifications of the PlayStation 4.
The new PlayStation 4 is said to have ‘supercharged PC architecture’ featuring an X86 CPU, ‘enhanced […]

Rumor Mill

Rumor surfaces on possible new HP Android tablet and smartphone

By Brad Feb 16 2013 add comment

After abandoning WebOS and making it open source, it looks like HP is now wanting to get back into the tablet game, but this time with a different operating system. Tech blog readwrite has reported that sources say HP is working on a high-end tablet running Nvidia’s brand new Tegra 4 chip (which was announced at CES last month and featured in their Project Shield handheld console) and said tablet will run Android.
Another interesting rumor […]


HP EliteBook 8770w gets reviewed from Europe

By Brad Feb 16 2013 add comment

The EliteBook 8770w is HP’s flagship mobile workstation notebook. The sleek business laptop packs a punch under the hood; the machine’s large 17 inch display also means a lot of surface area to house lots of components. The notebook is configurable with just about everything you can think of to construct one of the most powerful notebooks under 2 inches and 4 kg (9 lbs): quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processors (maxes out at the Core i7 Extreme Edition), 4 DDR3 […]

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Valve and Xi3 create Piston, a pint-sized PC that runs the latest games

By Brad Jan 8 2013 add comment

If you’ve been reading HP Fansite for a while, you know that I have a passion in seeing high performance hardware and gaming. And sometimes it’s good to break the monotony of talking about everything HP and discuss some other things happening in the tech industry. At CES 2013, there already has been plenty of exciting news: Intel talking about their latest Haswell processors, AMD launching new processors and Radeon 8000 series graphics cards, the Nvidia Shield handheld […]

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